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20 Signs You're A Whovian Parent

Haha, a balanced Doctor Who lunch, complete with celery, a banana, a TARDIS cupcake and a Cassandwich. :P

from Etsy

Doctor Who Dalek in Love Coffee Mug Exterminate The Hate Tea Cup MMMug

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24 Reasons You Are Definitely A Geek

The Doctor is REAL!!! "An old picture of a Beatles jam session contains a man who looks almost exactly like Matt Smith’s Doctor. It makes perfect sense when you think about it. If I had a box that gave me access to all of time and space, chilling with the Beatles would be pretty high up on my list of things to do. Steven Moffat is pretty excited about the photo too. “Bloody hell!!!” He tweeted, “Clearly we’re going to make that""

OMG. A tardis door vinyl sticker. I want one. And I want a Dr. Who costume party to go with it.... #DrWho

Courtesy of Doctor Who and the Tardis by Craig Hurle who I follow on Facebook....this made me smile...and then start playing out horrible scenarios of an angry Doctor giving everyone what's coming to them in Westeros (oh...and Tyrion would like him...)

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26 Reasons To Love Patrick Stewart

I'm sorry. But how could I not repin a picture of Patrick Stewart and Benedict Cumberbatch? I mean, *it's Patrick Stewart*. You don't just not pin a picture of Patrick Stewart. Especially when he's standing next to Ben.