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From the earliest sauce varieties in July to late fall baking apples in October…

Very in depth pumpkin growing guide. It even tells you how to tell if a flower is male or female and why you'd even want to care.

Honeybees Late Fall Check

The fall check on the hive revealed that there was no honey left for the honeybees. What happened to the hive and what to do now

Year-Round Intensive Gardening Guide

What year-round intensive gardening looks like

Tree Moving Tips – When And How To Transplant A Tree Or Shrub

Rosemary propagation - best done in late fall/early winter; cut 2.5 inch stems from new growth of an established plant, snip off the bottom leaves, dip the bottom 0.25 inch in rooting hormone and place in a container with equal amounts of peat moss and perlite. *Note: for established plants, let dry out between waterings.

Now this is what I want to see when I wake up every fall morning... what could be wrong in a world like this?

Pruning Roses March 22, 2012 Photo of Sandra Mason Sandra Mason Extension Educator, Horticulture My recent speeches are littered with the words "typically" and "usually". This spring has been far from typical and usual so our timing of the typical activities of spring are about two weeks earlier than usual. Typically April is the appropriate time to prune most roses; however, roses are in full growth.....