......or as Adrianna would put it, " I DONT throw elbows....sheesh!"

Funny soccer meme

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I think of Mike wazozki's dry humor about being the ball in a game of dodgeball when I see this...

Well played, Mr. Obama, well played.

Ha! @Melanie Frederick and @Mindy St Cere know what THIS means!!!

I like this!

My mum said we can have a sleepover. Funny soccer meme. Haha! Watch out! That guy just might take a bit out of ya!

If your going to score you can't promise your going anywhere

Haha! So true! I was going to tag some friends in this one - but thought perhaps the close friend would think I was calling her a whore and the whore would think we were close friends... oh drama's lol

OMG..totally bitched about this before! seriously!! ha

hahaha this is my wall paper on my phone

If you're gonna get kicked out anyway, you may as well do it right. Lmao

This soccer player totally misses the ball. | 23 Hilarious Sports Fails, you have to watch this!!

My sister is obsessed with Ozil. She is his "wife" and during the World Cup, she never missed a Germany game, even after/before the World Cup. So gonna send this to her.

disney humor

soccer cleats are so in right now

#RT follow my fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/InternetNetworkMarketerIncMlmStrategist throw a book in their face and say "i facebooked you"

And my prince hands me the ball to throw back in play:)

lays potato chips + patriots | Another meme poking fun of "Deflate-Gate" accuses the Lays potato ...

Lolololol xD I love it!