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    ......or as Adrianna would put it, " I DONT throw elbows....sheesh!"

    men vs women: sports this is so true!!!!!!! (At least between hockey and soccer)

    This reminds me of this one joke from Jeff Dunham's Achmed and his joke about...uh...*cough*...yeah.

    Well played, Mr. Obama, well played.

    Funny soccer meme

    MY NEW SHOES! (random girl) ooh I love your shoooooeees! (Me kicks show in her face) HOW DO YOU LIKE THEM NOW?!?!?!" OMG I'm soooo odd

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    This made me laugh so much more than it should...

    25 hilarious soccer memes Hahahahahahahahhahaah

    The Suspension of Physics Necessary for All Athletic Endeavors by Colin Blakely on 20x200

    I think of Mike wazozki's dry humor about being the ball in a game of dodgeball when I see this...

    Two Kinds of Thoughts... Katie Tremaine Haha


    Different Soccer Styles. LOL

    Some people just have a really awesome sense of humor. This kid happens to be one of those people. Too good :)

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    BEST SAVE EVER. the more you watch it the funnier and awesomer it gets

    If I could go back to elementary school, I would be these kids #hilarious

    I laughed too hard at this.