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the primary shared phantasy in the perverse field is that the other must be controlled and manipulated in order to preserve a sense of safety…the perverse field expresses and structures a hatred of growth, understanding, and freedom and is extremely powerful, rigid, and enduring…a collapse or severe constriction of meaning…words and actions not meant to communicate but to manipulate and control both the object and one’s state of mind… .

The fact that we are money poor has shown us that we have wealth in other ways. Our crafts--quilts, baskets, pottery, canning--coupled with our resourcefulness--have helped us to thrive. And anyone who has ever heard an old time band knows that we have great music.

Sing songs so softly I can barely hear you, 'til I fall asleep somewhere right near you... ♫

Banjo "This machine surrounds hate and forces it to surrender"

Russian Matchbox ▪ Banjo Man via Swaalfke

And there's the banjo, MOVIE NIGHT! « claps hands» "Deliverance", anyone?? =)

flasd: nancyrivers: beverleyshiller: cremonadream: (via blessedwildapplegirl)

Love this idea, the picture on the face of the banjo... I can't play, but sure would love to hang this baby someplace here...