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  • WordsWithMelissa (Uppercase Living)

    Bottle Drip Irrigation Posted by Hank in Irrigation It’s time to water your plants frugally. You have two precious commodities. Water and your time. I fill my bottle drippers with the garden hose. This is quick and saves time. It reduces water loss via evaporation from the leaves. Bury perforated water bottles amongst your plants for an inexpensive drip-irrigation system.

  • Joanie Abrahamsen

    Great idea for watering plants

  • uccessfulBreath

    Instructions for making a drip irrigation device from repurposed plastic bottles. I have seen this with clay pots called cantaros. Looking forward to doing this to ensure deep watering of my garden even if I have to miss a day of watering.

  • Kathi Jensen

    Bottle Drip Irrigation - fantastic idea!

  • Patricia Elmore

    I have a drip irrigation but in the Arizona heat of summer, sometimes it's just not enough even with shade. I think I will supplement my veggie garden with plastic bottle drip irrigation in some spots that tend to get dry! To keep bugs & mainly mesquites out I think I will SET the lid back on but not tight to allow for air flow.

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Cute, but there must be something you could use for the tealight holder that doesn't require drilling?

author says: punch two holes in the bottom and two holes in the side and plant the bottles in the soil next to your plants. Fill the bottles with water and the plants in that area should get a slow steady watering for up to a week as water leaches into the soil.

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