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    Quiet Touch by Clairol 1975. My sister and I used this in grade 7 and 8. I have pictures to prove it.

    She does, but not for you. For you, she's just a friend. She does, however, have a sister who's got a "nice personality" that she'd like to introduce you to.

    My hair only takes a wet curl so I could never get these to work well for me. I still think they're cool as can be though :) #retro #nostalgia #hair

    Here's the vintage 1972 Clairol Long & Silky ad.

    Mom went through a LOT of this, untangling my hair sunday nights after a bath, while watching Ed Sullivan!

    vintage_ads: Long & Silky Anyone remember this shampoo ?

    "You've got me corralled, Handsome". Cowboy and cowgirl, 1948 Barbasol ad

    My Mom always got the peanut butter ones. I can remember stealing them from the pantry. They were so good!

    Dippity-do Has Its Own Bag, 1969 by MewDeep, via Flickr

    something magical about Gram's sewing box, bits of lace, patches of fabric, metal thimbles and wooden spools of thread

    I loved using these when I was visiting my Grandma