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Raising Our Sons to Seek After God. How can a mom encourage her boys to pursue Him?

Raising Our Sons to Seek After God

What can a mom do to encourage her boys to look to the Lord? Raising our Sons to Seek After God. -- IDK HOW ABOUT Raising her sons to look into REASON, LOGIC AND SCIENCE, and live a much happier life without being SO ignorantly sheltered.

I will teach my children these simple things xx

Lessons for My Kids by @LetMeStart Kim Bongiorno

I love this. Good things to remember for everyone, not just children. Hold the Door: Lessons for My Kids

feeding mistakes

5 of the Most Common (and Fixable) Feeding Mistakes Parents Make - Positive Parenting Solutions *i agree with everything in this article! Both from from experience as a dietitian and as a parent!

Conversation Starters - Afer School Talk - Much better than "how was your day?"

After School Talk

Talk After School: Family Conversation Starters - Much better than "How was your day?" Add to "Back to School" night packet.


How much sleep does a kid need? Great infographic that helps explain how much sleep your child needs. Sleep helps them stay awake during school!

Main Teen Department: display

Good friend/bad friend chart for kids: Do they put their self worth in how many friends they have? Few or no friends are better than bad friends. Yes!

Self Esteem: Simple Ways to Increase Your Child's Confidence During Adolescence

Adolescence is a time of change and growing pains, making it especially challenging for a child's self-esteem. Expert psychologist Judy Kuriansky and author Edie Hand explore these challenges in Self

Parenting is one of the toughest jobs, and every parent realizes this fact over time. This Infographic describes the tips for effective parenting and lots more.

8 Effective Parenting Tips That Work

6 Habits of Highly Effective Parents kids success parents parent children parenting how to habits successful self improvement parenting tips -I'm trying to be a better parent.

Indispensable Kid Rules Every Parent Should Follow For my grand kids too

Indispensable Kid Rules Every Parent Should Follow For my grand kids too