Penny Ball for the garden. Pennies in the garden repel slugs and make hydrangeas blue. I love this idea. It looks old and new and beautiful. I need this to keep the slugs off my strawberries!

How To Make a Penny Ball

Getting rid of ant colonies, I must try this...

How to make decorative garden balls.

How To Make A Penny Ball Garden Sphere, that not only repels slugs, but also makes hydrangeas blue

Pennies to keep the bird bath clean-how smart. The copper in pre1982 pennies keeps the algae from growing

Feathers in the woods: Spice it up! Why plants love cinnamon

Garden Balls

Fly repellent - pinner said "I had to repin this again for you to see. YES IT WORKS! Oh my, it looks hokie but our temps have been upper 90's and no flies in my back yard have been spotted. I spoke with a women who grew up on a dairy farm and she swears by it. She said they used 5 pennies. Go figure."

How to Grow a Hydrangeas

Laundry Basket Planter ~ What a great idea!

Garden gators from old tires

How to plant and grow garlic

Plants to repel fleas

15 ways vinegar helps your gardens grow. 15 uses for vinegar in your gardens and yard. Some very unique ideas too!

stones drilled through center and stacked with rebar running through the center

Pick three plants. Repeat. You cant go wrong.

Bricks made to Look like books- would be cool in a garden or a library!

Gazing Balls Blue & Purple in the garden flowers.

Copper Penny Bowling Ball Yard Art pennies in the garden repel slugs and make hydrangeas blue!