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  • Joyce Knight

    Some people claim that these are pictures of water that instantly froze when it came in contact with the air. Well, I know it’s cold in Antartica but the day a tidal wave or a tsunami wave will instantly freeze while breaking has not come yet.These photos are nonetheless fantastic

  • Eugene Roose

    Fantastic photo of a Frozen Tidal Wave In Antarctica

  • Mary Evans

    Previous pinner: Frozen tsunami wave. Me: According to Snopes, this photo, and many others like it, were taken at the Antarctic base of Dumont D’Urville in 2002. These frozen waves resulted from melting, not from freezing. Melting has produced the downward-pointing spikes that look like a breaking wave; they are simply icicles. Freshly frozen ice, especially ice that has frozen rapidly, is cloudy and opaque.

  • Angela Thomas

    Frozen in time. Simply stunning Frozen Tsunami wave in Antarctica.I want to go see this place one day. Please check out my website Thanks.

  • Chip Drewry

    Frozen Waves On The Great Lakes (Amazing Photo’s)

  • Carolyn Howard-Johnson

    Frozen in time. Simply stunning Frozen Tsunami wave in Antarctica. Suddenly this is on my bucket list, Ellie Poling!

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