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    SUNDIAL CANNON: This curious time piece is an excellent example of the now scarce sundial guns. The variant pictured is of marble, brass and glass construction dating from approximately 1850. The cannon is a brass miniature fixture with a .30 caliber bore.

    A very scarce twenty-shot centerfire revolver. provenance: Europe dating: third quarter of the 19th Century

    The ancient sundial dating from the Greco-Roman period found in Polichrono in Chalkidiki [Credit: Greek Reporter] One of the rarest sundials dating from the Greco-Roman period was found in Polichrono in Chalkidiki, northern Greece. This sundial is not a usual one as it shows the correct time at any given place.

    A dagger with flintlock gun, provenance: Europe, dating: 19th Century.

    A flintlock pistol by Harvey of noble property, dating: late 17th Century provenance: Central Italy

    A 1777 model cavalry percussion pistol dating: circa 1800 provenance: France

    A rare shooting axe   provenance:   India Moghul dating:   late 18th Century

    Duel antique guns. I wonder what those other "weapons"(not guns) are for? [ ] #Pirate #weapons #swords

    HK 417

    AR Five Seven


    Sundials as Jewelry

    "Circle of Time" - The Red Bird Sundial Sculpture at HKUST