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  • Amanda Allen-Butler

    Fried, permed, big hair with rooster bangs. Aqua net was my best friend. I don't know who this chick is...but we had the same hair style.

  • Sherry Sulley Kile

    bad hair funny hairstyles fashion fails, worst hairdos bad family awkward family photos bad yearbook pictures terrible hair ugly uglies 80s hair big hair people of walmart hairstyles for men hairstyles for woman

  • Susan LeSueur

    80s hair = BIG BANGS + Perm + Aqua Net. Yesss! I cannot get out of the 80's big hair mentality to this day

  • Eva Carvolan

    Class of '87. It is just one thing that a girl made up this hairdo and thought it was cool. But what on earth made the rest of womenhood agree with her? We can all brag we are smart women, this puts it back into perspective Hahaha!

  • Sheila States

    80s hair = BIG BANGS + Perm + Aqua Net. The higher and wider the better, but WHOA!!! I don't remember THIS much!!!

  • Shannon Smykay

    Crimp, brush, tease, and spray! 25 Fashion Mistakes of Our Youth: Crop Tops, Crimpers, and Scrunchies - AMAZEBALLZ

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From the Remarkably Domestic blog. I guided my daughter's Girl Scout troop through these for their holiday boutique item. Smash hit! Though, the girls got tired of the weaving after a while in production mode.

I just read that 80's hairstyles are making a comeback this winter, so thought I'd dig up some photos of some of the best....

80's big hair. It was a good look for me.....

Awkward Family Photos---I hear their hair didn't recover until 1997.

80's character stamps. I used to have some of these - they never seemed to last very long. Maybe it's because I stamped everything.

I do not know any of these girls, but it could have been any one of my sister's groups of friends with big hair!

Can guarantee this where the hole in the Ozone layer cams from...we used LOTS of this in the 80s-90s!

who remembers spraying your hair with hairspray, pulling it away from your face and drying it with the hairdryer for the wing look :)

Bold Hold...for really BIG 80's hair!

25 Fashion Mistakes of Our Youth: Crop Tops, Crimpers, and Scrunchies