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not in love with the arrows, but am drawn to these logos. especially "A" "B" "I" & "J." Is there a way to incorporate baseball bat + sewing needle without being too literal and/or cheesy? But I also like how these are circular and can be easily placed/re-used throughout wedding

The Provinces & Territories of Canada by Michael Haddad

I like the hand-drawn look

Identity design for Murphy Photography, by Truly Smitten

SHIFT_logo_by_H3AD3AD by cosmostyle, via Flickr

just the DROP one could be used in SPA HIRE QUEENSTOWN somewhere in the P or A?

De aquí, me gusta la sencillez y la belleza simple. La primera prueba de la web tenia algo de esto, pero aquí está como mas ordenado.

logos design typography black and white gentleman retro

this guy (Simon Walker) is f'in ridiculous (in the best way possible). I've seen his work everywhere (fffound, various design blogs), never heard his name and ALL his design is, quite frankly, the shit. how is he not famous?