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it's sick how true this is. lol

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When your name is in a math problem

LOL *When my name's in a math problem* *Class stares at me* Me: "That's right, bitches. I bought 60 watermelons."

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Just For Fun


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You're wrong

This is how I feel every night at work when I work with a certian coworker.


Funny Comments About Being Single | fun thing about being single, you can sleep around, funny quotes

Do you know how to take a break from a break, just go back to work!


Since living in such a tiny, middle-of-nowhere with barely 3 gas stations in it type of town, most of the time sleep wins because my job is being a nanny which doesn't require make-up.


sorry that most of my hilarious jokes are borderline inappropriate. and by sorry, i mean you're welcome.