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Link (Legend of Zelda) Photos by Michael Shum

Legend of Zelda Banners - Imgur

Amazing illustration of young and adult Link for the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. The layers and patterns for the scenery here make this look like it's a passing of time. The amount of detailed poured into this design is amazing, though. Plus, the shadows make this look like a very bleak setting.

Link. Beautiful. Wish I knew the artist though, so I could credit x

I love all these Wind Waker pictures I'm finding. So colorful and full of lovely shades of blue in big spaces.

every time. ^^^ That's why I have my Wii U in my room...PLENTY O SPACE!!!!!

My theory is that he had his verbal communication skills removed after his offensive language towards Zelda in the TV show. I like him better mute after seeing that; I appreciate his silence more...