I really loved the Christopher Eccleston Doctor. I hope I'm not alone << You definitely aren't alone. I totally loved the Ninth Doctor<<OMG YES ALL OF MY FRIENDS DISLIKE HIM BUT I LOVE HIM!!!

I totally miss 9!

It's Fantastic!

Doctor Who

This board has officially been signed by Christopher Eccleston :*)

Cheer up. Life is fantastic. #9 <3

The Fighter. The Lover. The Friend. #DoctorWho

You never forget your first Doctor. The 9th Doctor - the quiet achiever. I thought he was FANTASTIC!

The Oncoming Storm. I wonder if the Daleks will be back after oswin wiped the doctor from their memory

Holy shit this fantastic.

This is just FANTASTIC!!!!

He's the same man. #DoctorWho

To Christopher Eccleston: thank you for introducing me to The Doctor. You were FANTASTIC. To the Ninth Doctor: I miss you already. To Mr. Eccleston: Thank you for being the 9th Doctor and being a part in the wonderful series!

Everyone says how they wished Eccleston was there for the regeneration scene, but more than that I wish he could have popped through one of those wormholes into the Tower. Gave his past and future selves this look kicked down the door and popped back out. <---Fantastic!<----yes, a thousand times yes!

"Christopher Eccleston on being the Doctor"

Best part of this episode.

9. #DoctorWho

My Fantastic Rose :,{

This was fantastic.