Now that's a fridge....


I found this piece of gorgeous at this website!prettyPhoto

... Lantern - Medieval Home Decor - Medieval & Gothic - Design Toscano' t

Not just for decoration anymore -- ornate moldings pull out to reveal hidden pantry storage!


.cabinet detail

Dish storage in kitchen island. this idea!! I LOVE the idea of keeping plates in a drawer... GENIUS and why did I never think of that!?

Flaking wood SBS This is a giant magnet that covers your frig. Check out all the different magnets for Refrigerators, dishwashers etc. What a Great Idea!

salvaged doorway

Annies Chalk Paint Kitchen cupboards

zebra fridge decal. <3

Massive Kitchen Refrigerator!! WOW.. I WANT:) Dreamy.. @Wendy Felts

Center Island fridge, for fruits and veggies... clever

My dream kitchen. Warm and inviting.

Colored cabinets

hidden pantry behind the fridge..awesome!

Well... Isn't this just stunning? I do believe that would be a massive fridge behind those doors

This puts our wine fridge to shame lol! love this

My dream refrigerator. Mine too.

beautiful! esp like the beams.