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This is cute, but I'm pretty sure my dogs would not sit there like that. They would probably try and eat the lights! Hahaha :)

True love never dies, it only gets stronger with time ~♛


grandma's shoes



Who's afraid of a little rain?????

Little bit country

We're ready for the wedding!

ZsaZsa Bellagio

How can you not smile?

oh wow. this is adorable.

Heh. There's just something creepily confused about the stare in the dog's eyes. Dogs just don't communicate with their eyes as much as cats do, and I only speak "cat".

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tiny dancer


I recommend you to dance with your daughter... like I'm doing with the "real" Mademoiselle Alma, "my MUSE", who inspired me "Mademoiselle Alma", the LEGO® bricks and SWAROVSKI crystals Jewelry;) It's such an amazing pleasure, isn't it? cf. &

too cute :)