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Descending Cheetah - Okay, I will be the first to get today's I go & watch this feat of gravity, physics & physiology - photo by Stephen Earle

Africa | Descending Cheetah. South Africa | ©Stephen Earle

Abnormally large family, she must be worn out :)

Rare "king" cheetah markings. Indistinct spots and 3 streaks on its spine.

Cheetah & cub Join New Social Exchange Network & Get Offers Some Interesting Signup Bonuses www.growsociallik...

Cheetah Running - by Cincinnati Zoo. Cheetahs, the fastest land mammals in the world, are built for speed. They can reach running speeds of up to 70 mph, and they can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in three seconds — faster than most cars. A single bound can cover 22 feet, thanks to a flexible spine that lets their front legs extend extra far.

For my 45th bday, my BFF got me backstage at the zoo passes, which included having an encounter with my favorite cat.