I think this applies to more than one thing...

I love this.

I love this quote... it made me laugh... it reminded me of something... He wasn't smiling but a bit shocked at my reaction just the same... then just thought... what the hell just happened... <3

So right

Imagine meeting someone who understood even the dustiest corners of your mixed-up soul.

J.K. Rowling

You don't have to say I love you to say I love you.

This is so true for me.l love people.

Yep so true. You say nothing, the silence grows bigger and then it's too big to say anything... Sad!

From "The Fault in Our Stars"

Fanmade image of one of my favorite quotations from Romancing Mr. Bridgerton. "Deep inside, she knew who she was, and that person was smart and kind and often even funny, but somehow her personality always got lost somewhere between her heart and her mouth, and she found herself saying the wrong thing or, more often, nothing at all." Julia Quinn

all day - everyday!

Probably my favourite smell in the whole world, how wonderful that there is a word to describe it!

I LOVE this about people

<3 I think about this all the time

meeting you