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Grow a Feline-Friendly Indoor Garden!

There is no better way to enjoy spring all year ‘round than to bring your garden indoors. Let your indoor cat experience spring greenery by creating an indoor kitty garden. Choose the proper plants, so Mittens can enjoy the days in safety and satisfaction. Combine the coveted catnip with a bunch of fragrant, kitty-safe herbs to create a lovely, indoor oasis. Are you unsure which plants to choose? eBay can help you develop a garden your cat will love.

Make Your Own Healing Cuticle Butter

Try our homemade "cuticle butter" to heal and soften painful cracks safely and naturally.

Deep Sleep Tincture Recipe

Sleep Tincture Recipe - Uses calming herbs that are generally considered beneficial for adults and children, which I love because it can be used by our whole family.

Modern Horse Herbal by Hilary Page Self | Quiller Publishing. A detailed guide to the medicinal herbs for horses showing how they can help in the treatment of a wide range of common ailments - written for the new generation of horse owners seeking a more natural approach to their horse's health. Providing an A-Z of ailments and conditions, from allergies to wounds, one can safely and effectively treat horses with herbal medicine. #horse #pony #ill #health #herbal #remedy

10 Weeds that Heal: Finding Cures to Common Ailments in Your Backyard.

Mother Nature’s Best Home Remedies

10 Weeds that Heal: Finding Cures to Common Ailments in Your Backyard.

Top 10 Herbal Remedies for Diabetes - Safe & Natural

As women age, various genetic and ...

I want to quickly say that if an oil is not on this list that does not mean that it is not safe to use on younger children. These oils were chosen by Plant Therapy's expert as the oils to start out...

Which Essential Oils Are Safe For Different Aged Children | | Top 10 Essential Oils for Children + EO Safety