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Rachael Ray. Annoying, she makes headlines by being a loud mouth. Another fake chef like Giada de laurentiis.

Rachael Ray is successful in print and on television. She has her own magazine, several programs on the Food Network and heads several charitable organizations. Great person; wonderful chef!

I am Rachael Ray! Take the quiz and find out which chef you are! You are the master of making a great dish out of what is available. Your family would starve without you. You are a smart shopping, simple ingredient using, yet very delicious meal-cooking chef.

Rachael Ray__August 25, 1968__Sun in Virgo, Moon in Virgo

Interview with Celebrity Chef Rachael Ray

30 Minute Meals on Food Network. She cooks. She writes. She talks. She bubbles! She's queen of the 30-minute meal. She put EVOO in the dictionary. She's delish!  She's yum-o!  She's Rachael Ray!

Interview with Celebrity Chef Rachael Ray | The Adrienne Gale Experience!

Rachael Ray - Love her.

Rachael Ray. Motivated, ambitious, my teacher...and she does great things for our 4-legged friends.

Rachael Ray - my inspiration. Personable, friendly, upbeat, motivating, easy-going, able to improvise (in music, in teaching plans, in life)