Light showing thru sheer fabric to show shape. Headless shot. Meadow long grasses. Maternity Photography Ideas / Autumn Reeser's Pregnancy shots

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Roxy Gown - Long Sleeve Sheer Chiffon Maxi Style Maternity Gown





Tiffany Gown - Timeless Hand Made Lace Maternity Gown

Jessica Gown - Slim Fit Sweetheart Style Maternity Gown – Sew Trendy Accessories

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Is it safe for pregnant women to take flu shots? Dr. Louise Habash talks about this in her blog.



Baby's first before and after shot

Before and after pregnancy pic -- love everything about it, except the naked belly. This is just my opinion, not saying it's wrong, but I am personally not a naked belly person.

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I love you and I want a child with you! I promise to be the best husband I can be, take care of you when your pregnant, and be the best father I can be!