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  • Sidney Harris

    5 Bad Cellphone Habits You Have to Break

  • Jean Prytyskacz

    Are you guilty of one of these taboo cellphone habits? Most of us need a good lesson in cellphone etiquette.

  • Chrissy Tompkins

    Movie Distractions by Ashley Stiefel, via Flickr

  • Sandeep Kale

    Taking your cell phone to the movies It is perfectly ok to take your little baby to the movies but please turn it off! There is even a short advice before the movie starts that you should turn your gadgets off.

  • Nobody

    Those who insist on using a mobile phone during the movie (or other event).

  • Janice Barnes

    ~ Cell phone etiquette. No one likes to have someone ignore them while talking on their cell phone or even worse talking so loudly on their phone in a public place that it disturbs other people.

  • Paul Belza

    cell phone users who can't put them down

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I can tell when someone is texting. YOU KEEP HITTING YOUR BRAKES!! Get off the phone and PAY ATTENTION. The next time I am not the driver and see this...IM TAKING YOUR PICTURE!!!

Make this your friend's wallpaper when they leave the room. #sneaky #rude :)

Movie theater uses cruel new admissions policy for sold-out Hunger Games screenings.

So true! Please don't Text and Drive!

Thieves ------Lord I thank you for covering my child with your blood. Thank you for not allowing physical harm to come to her Lord. A man on a bike rolled quickly pass her and snatched her phone while walking to school. She was putting it in her pocket. I dont care about the phone..Im so greatful to my savior for watching over her. Thank you Lord for not allowing physical harm to come to her. Thank you Jesus

Why must you say this? What makes it even more ridiculous isthat your kids say this as well. Smh

You've got that right, Charlie Brown. I can't stand living with an incurable disease that has changed my life so much.

MORE OF WTF-FUN-FACTS are coming HERE funny laws and weird facts ONLY

Must you allow you kids to scream in the stores because...YOU TOLD THEM NO????? SMH AT PARENTS BEING FRIENDS INSTEAD OF BEING THE PARENT. And you wonder why people look at you sideways.

I really would enjoy that there bumper sticker

hah, this is so true, they always figure it out in the craziest ways!

and do not end your sentence with a preposition. "Where are you at?" Sounds absolutely repulsive to me.