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  • Guardian Storage

    Organizing idea - lazy susan in the fridge for all the little things!

  • CamilleWraps IW

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  • Carmen Puryear

    Great idea... a Lazy Susan for the refrigerator. Why have I never thought of this?

  • Sarah Bachman

    A Lazy Susan for the refrigerator - My Grandma has had on in her fridge since I can remember but I never thought about what a good idea it was. Glad I have a smart Granny! :)

  • Judi McQuaig

    Great idea. . . I am running to get a couple of lazysusans for my frige! Brillant. #organized

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A lazy Susan makes it easy to find condiments that otherwise get pushed to the back of the pantry. More simple storage solutions:

instructions for making lazy susan storage ... would be great for shoes, or tall closets... I want one (or 2) in my bedroom closet if new heater takes up as much room as old one.

12. If you have a large amount of condiments in your fridge, why not put a lazy susan in there so you have easy access to everything?  It takes up roughly the same space, but you have less chance of something stuck in the back going bad because with a quick spin you can see what you have.

This is a pretty brilliant idea for shoe storage...great for toys, tools, small kitchen gadgets or whatever. Not a fan of the price but the idea is great!

5 Steps to a freshly frugal fridge - By keeping your fridge organized and in tip-top shape, it’s easy to prevent fresh food from going foul. Start by keeping a Food Waste Diary so you know what’s getting trashed, then follow these five easy steps to get your fridge frugally fresh and reap the savings.

Must!! The pantry in our new house is gonna be like this with a hard to reach corner, so I must do this! Yay!

Work Station for Cooking: Clustering basic implements and ingredients you regularly use in cooking can make meal preparation quicker. Self-contained units do the trick here. Keep often-used utensils on a lazy Susan, with compartments for cooking oil, salt and pepper, and basic condiments.

Perfect for corners :: Lazy Susan for Shoes Originally designed to hold his child's toys, Etsy shop owner Leonard Parker noticed that it would also work brilliantl...

Install Lazy Susans In Corners Of The Pantry...very smart...instructions Decorchick.

Lazy Susan for shoes... This is a MUST have!