Giant photo? $13? Yes!

How to make an oversized family portrait for under $20. "Staples does oversized prints called "engineer prints." The largest size is 3' x 4' and they cost only $4.99!!

Print pictures on old book pages. Looks amazing.

DIY Canvas Prints | How Does She... -- a different method of diy canvases, using a photo print wrapped around a canvas and textured with cream

This is the coolest thing I have EVER seen!!!! I am making a million of these right now! Amazing Christmas present idea!!! this is freaking BRILLIANTTTT

diy canvas photo

DIY Photo Wood Transfer - tutorial

Huge pictures printed for cheap

DIY Canvas Photographs. Really easy to follow step-by-step for transferring them the RIGHT way. Good pin!

How to have a 24x36 for cheap

Photo Transfer to Wood - I have tried a few of these, the best instructions I found are from this site.

How to make Metallic Canvas PIctures for your home decor

DIY wall picture collage. Super simple and less expensive alternative to framing every picture. You'll need: *Pictures you want to use *2 20x30 foam core boards *Foam Brush *Mod Podge *Double sided tape 1. Draw out a plan and lightly outline picture placing on foam board. 2. Cut pictures into 4 inch squares and tape down. 3. Apply even coat of Mod Podge and let dry.

dyi canvas pics

Make your own Cornhole

I am SO making these! Rugs in any shape, size, fabric you want! Very clever.

Family Yearbooks: so the pics don't just stay on the computer.