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  • Marrah A. Fuentes

    Gruniper I ship it!!!!!

  • Tiffany Barta

    Juniper and Grover from Percy Jackson

  • Lola

    Juniper and Grover and can someone explain to me what a "canon" is (fandom meaning)???

  • Ramiah Franklin

    Gruniper aaaaaaaaah so sweet I need more fan art of this!!!

  • Cassie Torres

    Gruniper <3<<<<-----------I honestly don't think Juniper's skin is that dark a green the way it was described in the book.

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what are those whale sobbing noises on the background? oh, just me forever crying over every single AU in which Bianca is still alive and Nico is happy. It’s ironic how happy!Nico things are also actually the saddest Nico things:[

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'Hey brother' they have this as pillows, printed canvases, clocks, ipod cases on Society6 on the viria section! Im crazy enough that I might get this on a printed canvas.

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