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Frazel kiss for their ship week! Awwwww...the adorable awkwardness that IS...Frazel. ☺

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what are those whale sobbing noises on the background? oh, just me forever crying over every single AU in which Bianca is still alive and Nico is happy. It’s ironic how happy!Nico things are also actually the saddest Nico things:[

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Nico: battle ready oh my goodness Attack on Titan Percy Jackson crossover!

give my a big hug // caring Nico :) with his sister Hazel :) I have so many feelings sobs

VIRIA13 THAT'S ROUGH BUDDY someone wrote me ‘Nico with an undercut’, so I totally ended up drawing his slightly older version. too lazy to do anything not ...

I’ve been thinking how not satisfied I was with Calypso’s design lately, so I ended up drawing her. I am not yet sure about this one either, but at least I like it.. A quick sketch, that I apparently desided to give a little colour to get the idea. I hope her hair didn’t turn too ginger?

  • Gabriel Brand

    The last two people Calypso was supposed to have seen was percy and Odysseus, so who really cares? I couldn't draw anyone that well, let alone someone I've never seen. Excellent work.

  • Gabriel Brand

    She seems a little like she's been abandoned by the world, which makes sense for her.

  • Kaycie Robertson

    Yea....but I think this is perfect.

  • Hannah Daso

    yeah um unless you're Viria you didn't draw this

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this is perfect gahh. annabeth is so badass \ art by Viria on tumblr

Jasper. Ahhh they're soo friggin cute! Why does Rick not give us more on them?

  • Megan Taylor

    Awe thanks :)

  • Jadyn S.

    Megan you are completely right. I absolutely adore Piper and it was Jason's mistake if anything with what happened with Reyna. But I also love Jason because he came right out and apologized when he realized he had made Piper feel awkward with Reyna and stuff. It's really getting old, seeing people hate on them and comparing them to Percabeth. I even sometimes think they have a healthier relationship than Percabeth because Jason is never oblivious to Piper's feelings.

  • Jadyn S.

    Because, the fandom has to admit sooner or later that Percy was unfair to both Annabeth and Rachel in the PJO series. He didn't realize they both liked him and he let them fight with each other loads of times.

  • Megan Taylor

    @Jadyn S, you brought up stuff I hadn't even thought about, and are so right. Except with the whole "jason is never oblivious to piper's feelings". I think all the guys in the pjo and hoo series are always sorta puzzled by the girls' emotions, which I honestly really like because thats the way it is in real life. Guys typically don't understand how girls feel and how they think lol. Anyway, Jason and Piper aren't the only ones at fault. Percy and Annabeth have their issues too.

  • Jadyn S.

    Yeah, I guess Jason has been a bit ignorant at times, but my main point was that he apologized promptly, rather than playing with Piper's feelings more. I think that makes him, in a way, a bit better than Percy. But overall I am just really tired of all the hate they get. Especially when people complain about Piper saying Percy is unimpressive. It's ridiculous not to like a character because they don't think Percy is as impressive as their own boyfriend.

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Percabeth by viria this one is a little less awkward, I don't know what you guys think

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That's rough, buddy. : (viria's Art) HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNABETH! Go save the world for me wise girl ^~^

okay, it’s official. I have no a clearest idea how did I survive such a long time without Percabeth. I just don’t know. Percy sure likes to distract her. Not like Annabeth minds though>:3