"Writers, at least the greats, are an eccentric bunch to say the least. And their eating habits are no exception. Brought to us by writer Wendy MacNaughton, she illustrates the bizarre snacks and drinks that inspired some of history’s greatest scribes."


kill the recipe · a cookbook & visual guidebook on the basics of radical beanmaking & plant-based eating ::: by mark andrewgravel · illustrated by lucy engelman

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Cucumber killer whale! Good for dips. #kids #recipe #GAPS #healthy #snack #cucumber #whale #animal #cute


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Bear toast!

beautiful blue

beautiful figs

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El paso a paso con ilustración hace menos aburrida la acción de lectura, y crea más dinamismo al diseño editorial. Colores planos e ilustración sencilla en forma infográfica ayuda a captar la atención del usuario

Hobbit eating schedule/@P a t r i c k coworker eating schedule...

This is brilliant! @P a t r i c k let's deface building property!

By the hammer of Thor!

Cómo saborear un joselito... mmmmh! Valor de los diminutivos, que se te hacen la boca agua...

Cartoon Cooking: Base de cheescake. Cuanto más simple, mejor.


Lunch Bots!!!! we need these @LeslieKay216