yep...we all did this as kids

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Childhood at its finest.

we drank out of the hose and it tasted GOOD!

I remember doing this against walls, fences.... anywhere.

Haha - my sister was the BEST at it!!! LOL

Thurston Hopkins - London, 7th August, 1954 From Thurston Hopkins/Picture Post/Getty Images

Benjamin Zank


A slinky, a slinky, it's a fun, it's a wonderful toy, It's fun for a girl and a boy.

take a leap

my childhood

Swing high and jump....oh, it used to rattle my bones! Loved it

Memories of Pippi

Childhood pleasure!

Medicine via #Photography #Kids #Medicine #giberalina

Remember when

Loved these guys

Puddle jumping & playing outside in the warm summer rain...