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Sight doesn't penetrate through a misty fog that's damp and cold and always mere feet ahead. It's inconvenient, aggravating, and frustrating to be limited to this reduced universe! Noted . . we walk on. S.M.

ethereal Photo by Matt Claghorn...found here....

If you miss that those black bodies to the background are trees, you could think that their white tops are snowflakes falling. We shouldn't ignore the bridge in anyway since it's one of the best part of this pic from Northern New York State, US.

Frosty morning at the shore - Hot Meteor

Living in Canada all my life, this is a scene I have seen many times, only not so much this year, we have had a super mild winter.

Sortof really excited for this year to be my first white christmas (if the weather cooperates!) ♥

Cathedral...reminds me of the song "Surely the Presence of the Lord is in This Place".

CD grabbing me on a Sunday - and for winter which I never want for long; love this man's multi interests and eye for all that is beautiful; a virtual library of good taste and stimulation.

Winter Road, Scotland by Bruiach/ Colin Campbell

If you think positively, then Sound becomes Music, Movement becomes Dance, Smile becomes Laughter, Mind becomes Meditation, And Life becomes Celebration!