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    awesome funny The Office Michael Scott ice cream

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    Don’t be afraid to go against what society says: | 25 Important Life Lessons Michael Scott From "The Office" Taught Us #lol #funny #haha #theoffice #office #michaelscott #hilarious

  • Erin Lorene

    True story. Also, the office rocks!

  • *insert Name Here*

    "It's never too early for ice cream" words of wisdom from Michael Scott.

  • Taylor Watt

    It's never too early for ice cream, Jim. New life motto.

  • Manhattan Beach Creamery

    Michael Scott knows where it's at. #icecream #theoffice #michaelscott

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Oh "the office" if only you knew how many bad days you have gotten me through...(this is the original commentary and I left it b/c it's exactly what I would have said!)

"Dwight's the only one with the spare key. I asked him 'what if you die Dwight? How will we get in?' He said, 'If I'm dead, you guys have been dead for weeks."

Five Fun Facts About Mormon Dating - OMG all these points are so incredibly true

Well, I'm only crying while watching Star Trek while I eat Moose Tracks out of the tub and I'm in a men's baggy cardigan with no makeup on. What makes you think I'm PMSing? >.>

My favorite episodes. Another great line from this episode "You can't fire me, I don't work in this van!"

The Office, one of my favorite Jim/Michael moments. Jimothy. lol

We all have a Michael Scott in our lives.

That's what she said...miss michael scott

I don't know whether to pin this under "favorite entertainment", "funny things" or "motivation" hahaha. eh, its funny.

Michael Scott quote..they left out the best part. When he picks up the puppy he says "so do you think she likes me?" Puppy licks his face and then he says "I'm being serious." Lolololol