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  • Troy MacDonald

    Baby monkey hugging a kitten =)) haha doesn't get much cuter than that! #cute #baby #animals #monkey #kitten #cat

  • Sonja Schumacher

    Macaque monkey & her kitten - so sweet!

  • Marilyn Barton

    Monkey and cat - best friends

  • Kathleen Schoolcraft Ortiz

    Hug it out. (KO) Cuties. These two are so sweet. The fact that the kitty is allowing this is amazing. Most cats like to be petted but not hugged. Hugging freaks them out. The monkey must have gotten acquainted with the cat when it was a kitten. Adult cats would not be inclined to be friendly to an ape. The foreign odors would send a kitty fleeing for it's life. However it came about, it's very sweet. They are a loving pair. Both happy, both comfortable with this arrangement. It is mutually beneficial.

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