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ASCP-Paris Grey and Provence with a French Linen wash. clear and dark wax

I can't seem to find any specifics on this pretty vanity...but it sure looks to be Duck Egg with dark wax to me! So lovely!

Versailles and clear and dark wax

Driftwood-look achieved with ASCP Coco, wash of Country Grey, clear and dark wax

Repainted gold mirror to a beautiful french blue - green - soft teal color with vintage cream or old white. I love this the laurel on the top and bottom.

Cupboard makeover - Paris Grey over Old White with clear & dark wax

RPK Interiors - Old Ochre base with mix of Florence/Provence on top coat - clear and dark wax

From Leone Design. Table top: waxed only. Body: ASCP paint - mixed a bit of Provence into about 3/4 cup of CoCo and got this brownish/greenish gray. Trim and one drawer ASCP Ochre. Waxed with ASCP clear and dark waxes.

painted using a "Waxed Paint" technique. Annie used French Linen, which is a dark grey, then brushed on a layer of clear wax. Over this, and before the wax had completely dried, she added a second, paler coat of paint (a color wash) made from a mix of Paris Grey and Old White, thinned down with water, wiping it over with a clean, dry cloth to create a washed, dragged, and distressed effect.

DIY Farmhouse Table. Mix a few spoonfuls of clear wax with creamy white paint and you get a colored wax that created this beautiful weathered light washed finish. #DIY