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  • Hayley Ferrante

    I must have said, "I'm fine, thanks." at least 37 times, and I didn't mean it once, but no one noticed.

  • Alexis Randles

    Gemini- When Gemini’s are going through a hard time you would never know. They hide how they truly feel from mostly everyone because they feel as if they are bothering you with their problems and no one wants to listen. But Gemini’s have a bad habit of holding things inside and eventually snapping for no reason. They become frustrated and angry with you even if you didn’t do anything. They need to learn to confront the problem as soon as it occurs instead of waiting until it becomes too much.

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My life hasn't gone according to my plan, but God's plan for it has been written and I'm just following a path prepared for me.

I will fight for you .. not compete. #quote For more quotes and jokes, check out my FB page:

Did you know that God was thinking about you before you were ever born? He knew everything about you before you were in your mother’s womb. He created you on purpose, for a purpose. He carefully...

It hurts so much that the person i love showed how much he didn't love me back, not fighting for me, or us; he just let it be. Which is why, I'm never good enough, never good enough to make him want to keep me.

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Its kinda creepy how accurate this is......very creepy

And it broke my heart and liberated me at the same time