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Wire wrapping! Trying to learn this myself to add to the collection!

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1 - Fold the cord, but some should be short (slightly longer than the actual length of the bracelet, and the other at least 1.30 m., which is what will become the fabric. You tie a knot, where then hook the carabiner. Then you have two ends, the short and long. For each tuck the same number of balls (and figure you, depending on the ball and the size of the bracelet). 2-3 - Hold the short end, and you rolling (out) with the long ball from one side and one from the other upwards, zigzag, up to...

Rope Necklace another to make out of Tee...but braided slightly different and different clasp.

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Try to figure out this bevel stitch. Estoy trabajando, via Flickr. Looks like peyote!

Wristwatch face turned into a pendant watch

Download a PDF of Instructions From the Book to Make Sabines Purple Rope Necklace.