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Voice-activated grocery list: Say what you need while it's on your mind and a week later when you actually go shopping it will print you a list! Brilliant!

SmartShopper 301 Grocery List Organizer - The voice-activated grocery list organizer that records, sorts, and prints your list. No more forgetting things! Just tell SmartShopper 301 what you need, press print, and go get it!

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Planning a sleepover for the kids? If you're wondering about fun things to do at a sleepover, don't worry. Here's a list of sure fire sleepover ideas!

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32 Products You Should Have

Shop Silicone Rolling Pin Rings, to roll dough to a precise thickness-what a good idea!

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The Drill Gun Power Screwdriver is an amazing power tool which is shaped like a revolver! Just put the size screw that you need in the barrel of the gun, aim, and shoot! The remaining drill bits can rest in the chambers until you need them!

Shoot your alarm clock to turn it off each morning $28.58 WANT gifts-for-boyfriend

Shoot your alarm clock to turn it off each morning. but wouldn't you have to grab the gun which takes the same time as turning the alarm clock off. and then you'd have to shoot the target when you're half asleep to turn the darn thing off.

Apple watch case Yellow Gold apple watch case Rose by Decouart

Apple watch case with scratch protector Apple watch case with scratch protector

Apple watch case rose gold apple watch case yellow gold apple watch case Space grey apple watch case DIY kit USD) by Darkoolart

Music Branches Headphone Splitter - Urban Outfitters

Music Branches Headphone Splitter

Share your love for music with your friends. The Kikkerland Head Phone Splitter Music Branch allows you to share your music with 2 other friends. Its compact size makes it easy to carry and to store.

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10 Clever Gadgets Everyone Should Have

Buy now! Before it is sold out. I love it! The SmartShopper is a voice recognition grocery list organizer. Just push the record button, say the name of the item you want to add to your list., and SmartShopper does the rest; it's as simple as that!

Cutlery Cleaner - Sink Mounted Scrubber For Knives, Silverware & Utensils Say what? I hate washing the utensils