Homemade play dough party favors

Homemade Playdoh!

Homemade Playdoh

homemade playdoh

Homemade playdoh

Homemade Playdoh for Rainbow Birthday Party

party favors, rainbow homemade playdoh in a jam jar


homemade pink bubbles for kids at parties...adorable

Homemade party blowers

Birthday Party favor in a jar

playdoh! napkins wrapped in rainbow.

cute for birthday party favors

party favor ideas

I've been looking for this playdoh recipe got years! I used to make it all the time !!

CUTE DIY shirt for birthday party favors or even invitations!

very cute birthday party favor - diy bracelet

Party Favors....homemade playdough with cookie cutter attatched

Easy DIY Homemade Playdough from SeededAtTheTable.com

PLaydoh balls

thanks for making my birthday a masterpiece party favor with homemade playdough