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Hand embroidered boudoir pillow from Chantilly Dreams

Engraved: dragon on globe inside oval. A dragon on top of a globe within an oval cartouche 1645 por peacay em Flickr

This would be great reminder that when I have happy news and something to celebrate people honestly dont care…under the mask is this expression...

The Engravings & Letter-forms of Eric Gill - advert for Stephenson, Blake of Sheffield - in Image, No.3, 1949/50 Stephenson, Blake - based at the Caslon Letter Foundry in Sheffield were major producers of type. This advert shows an example of Eric Gill's work in the form of both engravings and letter type - the illustration being form the Golden Cockerel Press 'Four Gospels' and is used to advertise Stephenson, Blake's cutting of Gill's Perpetua typeface.

inspiration for the gratitude/manifestation wire - perhaps words and qualities we aspire to?

touch map what if your hand could tell stories? ......................... #men #trends #lifestyle www.morseandnobel...

How one #entrepreneur built and scaled a consulting business over one month’s time

Because you can never have too many manicules. From vintage type-specimen catalogues. In the public domain--free to use.