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Lily of the Valley

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Dress up your windowsill with these beautiful, fragrant flowers. A few people are rediscovering the magic and charm of forced lily of the valley. Although a few mail-order sources still carry pre-chilled “pips” (what old-timey florists called the dormant bud with roots attached), you can do just as well by forcing your own lily of the valley. You will need to act quickly, before the ground freezes.

for under five bucks you can make these glowing orbs for your garden.

Lily of the Valley Flowers - Tips for Growing Lilies in Pots

Love Lily of the Valley (Convallaria majalis ), it can spread -- Solution, put it in a pot. Also "makes a wonderful ground cover perennial. The very fragrant flowers appear in abundance in April and May. They are ideal for growing in wild or woodland gardens or use for ground cover in a damp shaded border. They form dense colonies which can last a lifetime."

Spilling over with flowers.

lily of the valley

Hide the downspout by building a trellis around it.


Emperess Wu Hosta! 4 feet tall! I just planted one of these beauties in my shade garden.

Lily-of-the-Valley love them

French ~ muget des bois (Lily of the Valley) ~ beautiful idea. I could do this. :)

Utilize Groundcovers

Hanging#jardins...interesting Idea. I Always Wanted Hanging Baskets On My Porch, But The Plastic Or Wood Containers At The Nursery Are Not Very Attractive.

Plants for dry shade: hostas, ferns (mine like more water)

ten vegetables you can grow in the shade