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Rock Edging

A very nicely done front yard rock garden with mulch. This mixed variety of grasses, trees, and shubs will mature over the years beautifully with very little maintenance or expense.

mix of evergreens with perennials.

dry creek bed landscaping pictures | This home and it's landscaping was featured in McCall Home Magazine ...

Attractive driveway landscaping for a small front yard. This low maintenance yard on a small city lot is just as nice at night with a few simple lights placed to accent the rocks and trees. Picture compliments of a homeowner with a Dream-yard.

Beautiful display of landscaping with evergreens

Dwarf conifer landscaping

Great outdoor landscaping ideas site. I pinned this as a great idea for my side yard out front. Low maintenance boulders!!! And mulch.

Fabulous garden of evergreens and lots and lots of hostas!!!!

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Dwarf conifers. I love the different blues and greens and yellows, not to mention the beautiful shapes.

Japanese Inspired Gardens is a German company that creates Japanese modern masterpieces.

conifer garden. I heart conifers!

dry shade garden under evergreens

Rock Garden