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Sprout feeder

Chicken puzzling over feeder

Sprouting wheat for winter chicken greens


Homemade Chicken Feeder

PVC Chicken Feeder

fodder system for chickens

PVC chicken feeder

How to make a cheap water heater for chicken feeder

This is a REALLY NICE COOP!!, lots of pictures of the building process, great feeder & watering ideas etc......

chicken-feeder-2 by The Art of Doing Stuff, via Flickr

salad in a suet feeder

I must remember to "Line" the nesting boxes with plastic bins for easy cleaning.....just dump, wash & refill with straw.

Ceramic Chicken Feeder size medium with by RockBottomPottery, $107.00

Ceramic Chicken Feeder size medium with by RockBottomPottery, $107.00


Sprouting On The Run- The poster says, "I sprout wild bird seed, mostly millet, black oil sunflower and milo. My birds wont eat milo, so it's the last thing left in the feeders each night. I dump it in the coop floor sprout gardens. Basic 2 by fours with a wire frame. Place near waterer's and keep it wet. Below is three days growth during a heat wave, drought."

Chicken Predators and Coop Solutions. Never use so-called "chicken wire" for chicken coops. "Everything Loves to Eat Chicken"

Chickens can be cuddly. here's how to train them

So Lovely. Want to be there