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      Sometimes this doesn't just apply to kids...

    • Danene Womack

      Funny Sympathy Ecard: I'm sorry you're mad because you just found out the world doesn't revole around you. Here, let me pour you a tall glass of get over it. LOL!

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    Funny Pictures Of The Day - 80 Pics


    Funny Pictures Of The Day - 80 Pics

    Thee is no tired like teacher tired at the beginning of a school year. Amen.

    HELP ME WIFE WON'T LEAVE - found at Michaels Craft Store

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    This is how my science teacher felt all the time

    I am printing this out and posting it by my classroom door. That way when the kids start whining about skipping ill just say "read the sign" and walk away. :)

    I seem to be giving this look to people more and more. What's worse is when they finally let you speak and then shoot down your opinion the moment it leaves your mouth. Might as well have stayed silent...

    �A Day in the Life of a Teacher: MY DAY {Bladder infections and Marshmallows}

    Am I the only that DOESN'T like laminating? You have the anxiety of it being hot enough, and then the fear of it jamming. Afterward, you can look forward to your hands cramping up for days due to all the cutting. And if you're a left-handed cutter, like me, you can't see the line along which you're cutting, often cutting your laminated object, itself. Oh, and then you actually have to hang the stuff up after all that work. BLAH.

    THIS is why I can never get it right! I remember the i before e except after see, and something about -ay as in neighbor and weigh, but here are more. smh - English!

    do you want me to show you the log of the hours i put in?

    Teacher Humor... Living this life daily... Reasons why it takes all week to write them!