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robin - Make a wish on the first robin you see in spring and it will come true – if you can finish making the wish before the robin flies away.

Robin-favorite! I love the sound of robins singing between 7 & 9 pm on a summer evening...

Help, can somebody explain my body parts to me, please? I don't think I did that self-assemble thing right!

American Robin - We have lots of Robins in our area. They are regular visitors to our feeders.

Robins, such fun birds to watch while they take a bath in my birdbath, they are not shy at all

Just went outside to watch a few male cardinals at one of my feeders & saw more robins than I've ever seen at one time. I list count at 12 on the ground & more in the trees! Exciting!! 3-15-14.

Robin and her babies..... the first bird I ever remember seeing! I love it in the spring when they are hopping around the yard with big old bellies! And my favorite person in the world is "ROBIN!" How I l♥ve that girl!

Another pinner wrote: "I remember lifting the window blind many cold mornings as a little girl living on Lake Erie, hopefully searching the limbs of the trees next to our bedroom window for a glimpse of a red-breasted robin with its promise that spring had arrived."

Love this. Tucked over to the side. Great shot. Beautifully composed.