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I remember typing on a manual typewriter in Grade Eight Typing class. Inevitably, a wrong key would be struck and since erasures weren't allowed, I had to start all over again.

Treasures from times gone by inspire great thinkers. I can almost hear the 'tap tap tap' of the typewriter and the ever satisfying 'ding' at the end of another successful line.

to be a wrighter of many of works... hmm may need to learn how to spell first...

I really want a type writer :) This is what I used to have when younger. I took secretarial typing, and got my start here.

Que escritorio más chulo. Acostumbrados a la generación 2.0, portatiles, pantallas tactiles, lectores de Ebooks, lamparas halogenas y led, esto da un aire de paz y quietud que me embarga.

The gorgeous typography wall art, mixed with the farmhouse style table and old folding chairs- everything looks so lovely together.

There is something uniquely beautiful about a typewriter and writings from one.. Its What REAL writers wrote on. And though I love my pen and paper, I WILL have one of my own someday:)

allthingsjamesbaldwin: James Baldwin.Van Vechten, Carl, 1880-1964.1955 Sept 13

the typewriter.... Oh, my.... the first typewriter I owned didn't look TOO much different than this! My father taught me to type...