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Silkworm Moth (Antheraea sp) Shot near Pallikaranai marsh. Adult stage of this moth does not have mouth parts and dependent on the food reserves from the larval stage for their survival and mating. Wing yes more than half a feet.

Cecropia Moth | Birds & Blooms With a wingspan that can reach 6 inches, it's the largest moth in North America. Still, the sizable cecropia often evades notice because it isn't active during the day. It's attracted to bright lights, however, & people often see it at night, perched on surfaces next to a light. It emerges from its cocoon when the weather gets warm, usually in late May or early June, and it lives for a brief week or two.

Common Name: Cecropia Moth Scientific Name: Hyalophora cecropia Family: Saturniidae Range: United States and Canada Fun Fact: Cecropia moths are North America's largest moth, with a wingspan of up to six inches.

I have a very strong fascination for bugs, art, and fiber.. fit them all together and you have this. This particular piece was created by my best friend Leslie who made this as part of her senior project. Words cannot describe just how proud I am of the pieces she's made especially this one.

Comet Moth, Silk Moth Seriesby ~CopperMoth “Comet Moth, Silk Moth Series by ~CopperMoth is a beautiful combination of metal craft and silk fusion papermaking. The silk wings giving nod to the silk cocoon a Comet Moth emerges from once its.

Leaf Roller Moth. Image Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/spatterd/6033563275/

Leaf Roller Moth - a wildcat and zebra print all on one pallet! I have a scrapbooking papers that would look amazing alongside this moth.