Be thankful for everything that you have! Honestly its whats inside that count!! Beauty shines through from the inside, and thats what people like about you, not what is on the outside. Sending prayers to this lovely girl

so true


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so true

so true.

Do you know just how far you've come? What you've overcome to get to this point. Smile & realize how amazing you are =) & keep going & overcoming until you get to that place you once thought impossible...Just don't give up on YOU & you'll make it, I promise*


sooo cutee!

what you take for granted

You can break down a woman temporarily, but a real woman will always pick up the pieces, and rebuild herself and come back stronger than ever.

// priorities


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<3 love you.

I cannot even imagine how difficult this must be for a parent.. Breaks my heart. God bless this mother and every parent who knows this difficulty too well...

gotta keep things in perspective!


True strength.