Online activities, reading, and a quiz for elementary science topics. I've used these for a few years and they are great!

This is soooo cool!! Online interactive and hands-on science activities K-6

Online Science Games, Logic Games, Math Games, Language Arts Games, and more!

FREE Science Videos~ Disney presents short, interesting science demonstrations by Bill Nye. Each clip is 1-2 minutes, loads right from the home page, and is kid-friendly!

Great site with interactive animations for teaching Science

Top 10 iPad interactive books

Exploring Ramps

The Science of Snowflakes - YouTube

30 Of The Best Elementary Education Games For iPad

Fast Physics, Physics Force, Physical Science, Homeschool Science, Hs Science, Em S Science, Learn Physics

8 Science youtube channels for kids. Learn at home or school.

15 Simple Science Experiments ~ Well worth checking out!

This teacher has got student documentations down to a science! Great RTI resource!

Model of a lung using a water bottle and two balloons. Lots of other great hands-on science activities on this blog.

Janice Van Cleave's web site in packed with fun science stuff.


Collection of 12 Plant Videos for Kids that would be a perfect complement to a plant unit. Includes a brief description and suggested grade levels for each video.

Oxford International Primary Science takes an enquiry-based approach to learning, engaging students in the topics through asking questions that make them think and activities that encourage them to explore and practise. ISBN: 9780198394921

PIN NOW READ LATER - This is a great site for using Smart Boards in the classroom. It contains links to other sites, resources and interactive activities to engage learners using the Smart Board.