Online activities, reading, and a quiz for elementary science topics. I've used these for a few years and they are great!

This is soooo cool!! Online interactive and hands-on science activities K-6

Online Science Games, Logic Games, Math Games, Language Arts Games, and more!

15 Simple Science Experiments ~ Well worth checking out!

Model of a lung using a water bottle and two balloons. Lots of other great hands-on science activities on this blog.

Science Notebooking - A site dedicated to educators interested in adding notebooking to their science curriculum at the elementary school level, but this could definitely be adapted for middle years and high school students

Great site with interactive animations for teaching Science

Top 10 iPad interactive books

Interactive Smartboard activities for Math

StudyJams! Interactive Science and Math Activities | is a TERRIFIC site with tons of links!

The Science of Snowflakes - YouTube

This is a great site for using Smart Boards in the classroom. It contains links to other sites, resources and interactive activities to engage learners using the Smart Board. For my favorite colleagues!

5 Great Apps for the High School Science Classroom

brain breaks - ideas for grade levels k-6

Scholastic "Electricity" video explanation

Fantastic site for teaching electricity. Very interactive and great to use with or without a whiteboard!

science games

Interactive Education: ABC Match

Forces and more science videos!

Some wicked science sites!

65 Interactive Whiteboard Resources and Activities