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Yellow Hibiscus by Andreanna Moya Photography: The Yellow Hibiscus (Ma-0 hau hele or the Pua aoloalo0 was chosen as the state flower of Hawaii in 1998 and is a rare and endangered plant which can be found growing on all of the Hawaiian Islands except Kaho’olawe and Ni’ihau. via #Hawaii #Yellow_Hibiscus #Andreanna Moya_Photography

Love this purple rose This is an old french variety created in 1884 called "Souvenir d' Alphonse Lavallée".

White Star Flower, Spring. This is incredibly invasive plant. I have a billions of little bulbs in the ground. Original bulb with dozens of small bulbs around it. My flower beds are covered by these flowers in the Spring. They bloom shortly and leave leaves looking like a thick grass. They originate from garden established 80 years ago, which was neglected for many years and buldozered 6 years ago to remove "jungle"