Fruit Trees - Solutions for Sustainable Living

Fruit Trees - Solutions for Sustainable Living

How to grow an apple tree from seeds

Growing Grapes

How to Grow Peaches. Useful tips on pruning, etc.

The Top 10 Rules for Growing a Kitchen Garden

Building An Espalier = Living Fence - Using standard pruning techniques, you can train dwarf fruit trees to form a living wall that will enhance your yard's privacy and provide beauty and fresh produce.

Healthy Sustainable Living: 5 Reasons to Grow Fruit Trees... even in Little Patio Pots

Container gardeners (and fruit lovers) rejoice! You don't need a big yard to grow delicious apples, plums or pears. With the right fruit, the right pot, the right compost and the right care, you can create your own little fruit orchard right on your balcony or terrace. - or if you have lots of black walnut trees in your yard!

Been obsessing over growing a few indoor citrus trees for a while, but nervous about my houseplant black thumb.

How to Plant a Fruit Tree

How to Plant Fruit Trees

Lavender: growing, etc.

Tips for Growing Garlic

Fig trees on the balcony. In the sunroom. On the porch.

giant espalier apple tree

bottle tree

Columnar Apple Tree ~ grows 8 - 10 feet tall & less than 2 feet wide.

grow your own olive tree

Container grown lemon tree: "Eureka!" Lemons work well in container gardens, but if you live in Zone 7B, like me, you will have to bring them indoors for the winter. Some great container tips for citrus trees at the link. Source whiteonricecouple... 2 months ago container gardens lemons grow your own lemon tree garden fruit trees DIY 217 notes 2 Comments Share this

Apple trees. Vertical growing is the best for growing fruit & nut trees in tight spaces