Water balloons are so much fun but they take forever to fill up and go away in seconds. Try sponge balls next time. Your kids will love them. {my lil' guy already loves those pool nerf-like footballs/baseballs that soak up water. I got quite wet from us throwing them at each other on Sunday. This is cheap and simple to make!}

Sponge ball DIY. Soak them in water and let you kids have fun and cool down! Less messy than water balloons!

Time-Out Stool! That's funny.

Play with sponge balls (instead of water balloons) all summer long.

5 Days of Family Fun - Activities for Parties, Family Reunions, or Anytime! Day 3 - Balloon Stomp

Another ZiggityZoom original Summer Fun idea- water balloon jousting game- keep kids cool this Summer with this fun Water Balloon idea #summerfun #waterballoons #kids

Who doesn't love the last day of school?!? What a fun treat to have waiting for the kids when they get home from school on the last day!

DIY Water Balloon Pump. Clever!

Milk Jug Ball Catcher Game- frugal fun

This is easier than water balloons - and the fun can go on for hours! What a FANTASTIC idea!

Homemade flubber recipe with picture instructions. It's much easier than I thought and so fun for kids.

This Summer...Sidewalk paint - 1 cup cornstarch, 1 cup water, and food coloring.

Marble Races with a cheap pool noodle (keep kiddos occupied for hours)

Fill water balloons with colored water and pop them in a pool of water to watch the colors mix. Kids will be delighted as the colors change right before their eyes!

19.) Balloon rockets teach a lesson, plus they are just fun.

Looking for a fun and frugal summer activity to stave off the boredom? Try water balloon baseball right in your own backyard--it's cheap and easy and the kids will love it! #overstuffedlife #BBBestSummerEver #ad

Time for Play: Smashing Balls (baked cotton balls) flour + water + cotton balls + hammer = very happy children.

How to fill balloons.. Instead of pinatas for parties

Time-out bottles. Fill a bottle with 3/4 water, one bottle of glitter glue, & ultra fine glitter. Then send this bottle with your child to timeout and they can watch it settle to calm them. Once the glitter is settled their time is up. << not a half bad idea...

Balloon darts. Can we fill them with paint like on the Princess Diaries? Awesome...