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  • Natalia Gallo

    Vintage Faces Photo of the Family

  • Kay

    One Direction Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam, and Zayn :)

  • Abby Leigh Ann

    One Direction, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Harry Styles!

  • Brooke Drover

    Words cannot express my love <3 #onedirection #harry #niall #liam #louis #zayn

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"i'm sorry, niall, but my heart belongs to harry" :) one direction, harry styles, zayn malik, louis tomlinson, niall horan, liam payne, 1D, hazza, harreh, lou, tommo, nialler

haha shopping with one direction you can actually see that happening you can feel the rush too!!! Oh My God this so real it's not even funny

One Direction on SNL<<< Oml Horan & Tomlinson are literally killing me & Payne-O in the 1st one ughh!!!!

Enjoy life while its good because it might not always be as good as it is in the moment. & always appriciate what you have.. What would happen if it wasnt there?..♥

Oh my goodness!!! Haha I just love Liam!!!!! He is amazing!!!!! ❤ How can you not love him? I mean really?

"You don't deserve to be in the band." "You're ugly." "Fix your teeth." "You can't sing." Words hurt. Just because someone is famous doesn't mean they don't have feelings. Niall is the sweetest, kindest guy ever. He's a pansexual, which means that he loves with his heart, not his eyes. I love this boy with all my heart. I always will.

how One Direction spend their vacation...hahahahahaha ♥

Liam, I have leather shoes and a leather jacket! Does that count? Zayn, I practically live in work out clothes. Does that count? Niall, I like gum. Does that count? Harry, I love wearing my hair in a messy fashion. Does that count? Louis, I'm pretty sure I have one of the loudest laughs ever. Does that count?